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Hisotory  Of  HES 

Dr. S.L. Saini having returned from University of Al-Anbar, Iraq after the completion of his foreign teaching assignment for which he was selected under expert exchange programme under bilateral relations between India and Iraq, joined back his job of Lecturer in mathematics at M.LN. College Yamuna Nagar, (Haryana) in the Year 1990. He had a craze for doing something for the society. It was in the beginning of the year 1991, when having felt deeply concerned with environment problem in the industrial town of Yamuna Nagar, and inspired by the charismatic personality of the veteran freedom fighter, eminent educationist and founder of Blood Donation movement in the area Late Professor Tilak Raj Chadha, Dr. S.L. Saini, a senior teacher of Mathematics at the local M.L.N. College, started tree plantation by spending about Rs.15000/- out of his own resources. Later, money was borrowed from close friends, some of whom joined him in his mission, and Yamuna Nagar Environmental Society (YES) was formed. Tree guards of  wood scrap were prepared and put around the saplings along with “Date leaves” and thorny tree branches, camouflaging the tree-guards.


Success at Yamuna Nagar inspired Dr. Saini to spread his activities to other cities of Haryana, and hence the Haryana Environmental Society, Yamuna Nagar (HES) was formed. The aim of HES is “Green and Clean Haryana”. The Society has planted and nurtured about 200,000 saplings of more than 65 species of medicinal, flowery and shady trees. Among the trees planted are Neem, Behda, Aambla, Arjun, Jamun, Mango, Banyan, Peepal, Seemal, Gold Mohar, Amaltas, Acacia, Dehu, Tun, Bakain, Chakarasia, Alastonia Bottle Brush, Tekoma, Jakrinda, Calendra, Ashoka, Papdi, Kaner, etc. (Botanical names). The HES has already distributed more than 27,500 saplings of different species to general public from its own nursery free of cost.      


In the beginning of the year 1997, we started giving concrete protection of brick/steel to the saplings, which costs Rs. 1000 ($16)/- per plant including after-care for four years. Greenery, which has come up in the grounds, parks, lanes, Govt./private office complexes, hospitals, schools, college complexes and along the road sides etc. of the twin cities Yamuna Nagar and Jagadhri, proves 95% survival rate of the saplings. Money for the said cause is given by the willing citizens, institutions, social organizations, industries and individuals. During the year 2003 the HES with the aim of involving practically more & more citizens in achieving its aim of Green & Clean Haryana, has launched a mass campaign. The officers/ Teachers are being appealed to contribute Rs. 5/- per month and other ranks/ non-teaching employees, Rs. 1/- per month towards the protection of environment. People from all walks of life have started contributing for the same. 


The saplings are planted at a public place or at the place of donors’ choice with the tree guard bearing the name plate of the donors. Since the year 1999 One Officer One Tree” and “One Professional One Tree” campaigns have been launched with the co-operation of Deputy Commissioner, Yamuna Nagar. Officers of all ranks have come forward from almost all the government departments. Many professionals have also given their individual contributions. Prof. Saini’s untiring efforts have been widely lauded, from time to time, by the forest department of Haryana, local administration, the press media and the social organizations like Rotary club in the town. We have received a matching grant of Rs.45000/- during the year 1999-2000 and Rs.95000/- during the year 2000-2001 from the Haryana Government. Dr. Kamla Verma, Ex. Minister, Haryana has appreciated our work and donated a sum of Rs.21000/- out of her discretionary fund during the year 1998-1999 for the purpose of Green city campaign during Dec 2004 & Jan 2005 Ch. Kanwar Pal, Speaker Haryana Vidhan Sabha discretionary grant in the year 2015.


Dr S.L  Saini, the President of the Society and his team members  visit offices, industries, schools and homes to make people aware of the need for environment protection. As a result of it people from all walks of life, irrespective of their age and sex, have come forward individually and in groups. Also market and colony level environment committees voluntarily assist the Society in the said cause. Environment awareness camps are held by the Society from time to time in which people from every field of life both from rural and urban areas come and participate. Whenever there is a district or state level function in and around Yamuna Nagar, we convey the message of environmental protection by getting the trees planted by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries present at the site. As the root cause of environmental degradation is the population explosion, our Society has given a slogan at prominent places: “Jag-Jeevan  Ki  Yahi  Pukar, Bachha  Ek  Aur  Ped  Hazar”(Child one but thousand trees, that is what existence pleads). Dr. Saini has gone to the extent of motivating even the “Transgenders” who have come forward to contribute to the cause of environment.


The Panchayat of Amadalpur, Yamuna Nagar has also got the plantation done on the village land by the Society. Our Society assisted the Distt. Yamuna Nagar authorities in making the " Yamuna Action Plan " and “Sector-Reform Pilot Project" projects a great success.


For weeks /months at a stretch the Prabhaat Pheris (Dawn Processions)  & Paryavaran Rath (Environment chariot)  were taken around  Jagadhri and Yamuna Nagar to spread the environment message among the masses.  With the public co-operation street's cleanliness is being done regularly in E-Block of professor colony Yamuna Nagar. The Gree Ambulance of the sociaty is being used in spreading the message of green and clean haryana appart from its usage in attending the field emergencies.


The HES has opened its branches in three more districts of Haryana namely Ambala, Kurukshetra and Panchkula. In the year 2000, HES, under the guidance of Sh. Banarsi Dass, the then Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Haryana, organized a state level tree plantation mela in September at City Center Yamuna Nagar in which hundreds of people came from different parts of Haryana and celebrated their marriage /birth/service anniversaries not by eating, drinking and dancing but by planting at least one tree of flowery/shady/medicinal values. A two days’ seminar on environmental conservation cum launching of tree plantation campaign 2001 was organized on march 3 & 4, 2001 at the Mini Secretariat Yamuna Nagar in which Sh. C.P.Obroi, the Director General of Forests and Special Secretary to Ministry of Environment Govt. of India, New Delhi was the chief guest. Awareness and tree plantations camps are held at the District & State level from time to time. Dr. Saini has always been coming up with new ideas and gives them a practical shape. A very new dimension to the mission was added on Nov.22, 2000 when a newly wedded couple Harman-Sukhraj of Yamuna Nagar was motivated to plant a fruit tree just before entering the pandaal of their marriage reception. This activity has been done under the objective of motivating newly wedded couples to plant at least one tree on the occasions of their marriage as a mark of sweet memory. HES has already been planting trees on the occasions of birth/death and Public/Govt. ceremonies, festivals and functions.


Our leader Prof. Saini remains in touch with the mission work and assists the gardeners in taking care and watering the plants by driving the tractor-tanker himself. He is a Ph.D. in the Mathematics, having taught at University of AL-Anbar, Iraq under cultural exchange programme between the two countries India and Iraq, is presently a retired professor. The HES is also thankful to its Principal Chief Patron, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Govt. of Haryana, Chief Advisor Sh. Banarsi Dass, former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Haryana, Chief Patron Deputy Commissioner of Yamuna Nagar of its field activities. Since the Year 2000 , Dr. K.L Johar  the former Vice Chancellor of Guru Jambeshwar University, Hisar (Haryana) has been keeping our morale high by contributing from his pocket for the cause of HES and guiding us from time to time.


We realize that we are heading towards our goal when we find children’s club and senior citizens approaching us for their helping hand in the cause of Society. Our mission would not be achieved till environment awareness committees originate at every city, locality, lane, house and even at individual level. We are confident that with public co-operation and by the grace of the almighty we will be able to achieve the aims of the society successfully when in the times to come the H.E.S. will have its local chapters at all cities/towns of Haryana State to carry out projects like tree plantation, water and sanitation problems and management of solid wastes of hospitals and nursing homes of the state and making the masses aware about the urgent need of water harvesting and its conservation.