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Welcome To Haryana Environment Society   |   Membership

    Details of Registration and Fees.

REGISTRATION                                   Membership Form

Kindly send registration form along with the registration fee by bank draft in favour of the Haryana Environmental Society, payable at Yamuna Nagar. The details of the registration fee are given below.  


For NRI/Foreigners

For Indians

Life  Members 

US $ 1000

Rs. 20,000/-

Ordinary Members

US $200  annually

Rs. 100/-annually

 * Any  individual  can  apply for  for the membership of the Society if he/she qualifies for the same.  

Honorary Members/Patrons 

Any person of eminence may be taken as Honorary Member/Patron on the recommendations of the Executive Committee of the Society for such period as they may feel proper but not exceeding three years at a time.


Life Members  

Any person who for the whole life pays  only once the prescribed fees can become a Life Member of the Society with prior approval of the Executive Committee.


Ordinary Members 

Any Individual from India or abroad who assists the Society in the field work for at least six months or motivates the public so as to donate to the Society an amount equivalent to the cost of 100 tree-guards*  and pays the prescribed membership fees, can  become as ordinary member with prior approval of the  Executive Committee. Any member/volunteer can attend the meeting of the Society as and when held. The Election for the formation of Committee is held after every three years in which all life members and ordinary members have got the voting right.

 * Each tree-guard costs  Rs. 1000/- or $16 per plant presently.


Note:- The donations to HES in cash or kind are entitled for Income Tax rebate under section - 80 G